Quality Management System.
We have always considered quality as the core of our activity and its constant improvement a commitment towards our Customers. Evidence of this commitment was given in 1998 when the General Management decided to implement and monitor a Quality Management System in compliance with the international Standards UNI EN ISO 9000. We obtained the Certification from SGQ in 2000 and three years later we conformed the Management System to comply with UNI EN 9001:2000 Standard, enlarging the field of application including also the LABORATORY activity.
The reason why we have chosen as a Certification Body C.S.Q.A., one of the most competent bodies in the foodstuff field, is also related to our customers, who are companies belonging to the foodstuff field and who need to be satisfied according to their specific requirements.
We have poured resources and professionalism into the implementation of the whole project, our main aim being the achievement of a series of objectives related to the Quality Policy.



Our objectives:

  • more and more attention to the Customers’ needs in order to increase their satisfaction in terms of characteristics of products and service;
  • the constant improvement of the rationalization and standardization of production activities;
  • a constant involvement of the staff;
  • a rapid and precise internal communication system;
  • keeping the long-established relations with the external Partners on the basis of a mutual respect and cooperation;



Sanitary self-control of production activities.
In order to guarantee the full compliance of the finished products with the quality standards specified and to guarantee to their users an appropriate sanitary standard according to the legislation in force, G. Mariani & C. Spa have established a System of Sanitary Self-control in compliance with what set in the Legislative Decree No.155 implementing the HACCP method. The attention paid to the design of the equipment, the accurate identification of the production stages, the detection of critical Points and the drafting of a handling plan together with a constant staff training and selection of suppliers allow to rule out or at least to reduce to the minimum any risk of contamination of products, which may be harmful to human health.



Organic production.
In order to boost the company growth and to be always ready to respond to the Customers’ requirements, we operate under the control of “Suolo e Salute Srl”, a control and certification body for Organic Products.